Limelight 2+ Is Here

(All Tuesday units have been sold and shipped. We as well as our distributors are restocking every day this week as we retrieve units from the assembly line.)

Take a look at our new video!

Hello Teams,

Limelight 2+ is (finally) here. We worked hard to take the Einstein-proven Limelight 2 and perfect it for the 2020 season. It has the same physical form factor and mounting interface as Limelight 2, but its internals have been redesigned to:

  • Reduce power consumption by up to 50%
  • Further improve low voltage performance, dropping the brownout voltage to 4V (from 5V. We actually never received a report of a brownout for V1 or V2 and have never been able to brownout a V1 or V2 on an FRC robot).
  • Reduce the operating temperature by 20C

The LED board has been completely redesigned to:

  • Significantly increase efficiency and reduce heat generation
  • Eliminate the LED “warm-up” period.
  • Enable LED dimming.

In addition, we have developed the Limelight Finder Tool desktop application which quickly finds and lists any Limelights on the network. This will allow you to quickly configure static IP addresses for your units without ever needing to rely on mDNS.

We have some exciting software updates for all Limelight models coming soon.

Orders open on our website at 6:00PM PST. We are pulling units off the assembly line to begin shipping today, so our inventory as well as our distributors’ inventories will steadily increase and replenish over the next few days.

We are excited to see what you accomplish with Limelight this season!



Excited for these.


Will this be supported on LL1 and LL2, or just LL2+?

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Awesome job! I take it then that the 3 isn’t like Half-Life, and that we’re waiting on a Pi Compute Module 4 for that massive speed boost and a Pi 4 based unit? That said, thanks for continuing to support and service classic Limelights (at least for the time being). It’s genuinely appreciated :slight_smile:


Sound like it will work with all models as they run the same software.

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Got several of these! :slight_smile:

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The Computer Vision Revolution video is pretty epic!


The new tool will work with all models running the latest image. We will continue to fully support all of our customers with new software.


Close enough.


How long will these be in stock? Our school’s purchasing system can take a while, so is it worth opening a PO or should we offer to reimburse someone?


i think theyre prepared for more orders this time, but if you REALLY want one maybe go the re-imburse route to be safe

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Yes, PO system is terrible for us too.
I had to buy these with our team credit card (which i recommend every team get), and plan to get more plus a spare for our 2nd robot via PO.


Is there any particular the reasons the LEDs are now brighter?

Probably “because we can”

or realistically it probably went hand-in-hand with the increased efficiency (those 20C didn’t come from nowhere)

Just ordered, super pumped to get our hands on it!

Seems like too small of an upgrade for us (over the 2), but glad to see the constant improvement and support for the product!

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For anyone wondering, AndyMark will be selling these by the end of the week pending arrival of our shipment(s). As is our general policy we do not take preorders, so when they are physically on our shelves we will begin taking orders and shipping them in the order they are received.* If you wish to be notified when they are available for order, please enter your email here. All emails previously entered will be transferred to the 2+ page when it goes live.

(The current date listed on the product page is our worst case, this thread has the latest info)

*Our usual policy of having orders with expedited shipping jump the line still applies.


Which latest image version number is this?


Limelight actually beat 973 to beating Limelight to announcing Limelight 2+?


lemme make memes about ship jumping