Limelight 2+ Is Here

All of the recent images from last year will also work with the finder.

And sold out again :frowning:

Check out:


Oh cool just put in an Order at WCP… Thanks Karthik… my bad on not checking other vendors. I guess I just didn’t expect them to release at the same time as the Limelight store…


We did sell (and ship) all of last night’s units, but we are restocking again every day this week. Today we are adding inventory at 3:00PM PST. Thanks everyone.


Can’t reveal anything about new developments just yet :grinning: And we’re only here today because of the teams that took a chance with Limelight 1 and later Limelight 2. We appreciate all of our early adopters.


2 Ordered via WCP!
As with all vendors, this should be available within a week (or two).

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More inventory has been added to our site and shipped to distributors.

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Thanks for posting stock updates!


We sold out last night, and additional inventory has been added to the site + distributed!


They became available and sold out today on AndyMark. Will you be getting another shipment in the near future?

Yes, we will be getting many more shipments this and next month hot off the production line. They may come back in stock Tomorrow, or it may be Monday or Tuesday. The best way to find out is to put your email in, even if you put it in last time.

The limelight website has them in stock as of the moment this comment is posted (I can’t speak for 2 minutes from now :wink: )

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When is the next limelight restock and how quickly do they ship once they are bought?

We try to ship every order same-day. We had a very small number miss the cutoff recently, but we should be back on track tomorrow.

We are adding more units tomorrow evening.

Any hope of h.264 streaming options for Limelight?


we ordered ours last tuesday night around 9pm eastern and had it friday evening around 5pm eastern

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Anyone ordered with WCP and got a shipping notification? I’m still waiting and starting to stress

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To quote @R.C from another thread:

Sounds like you can expect an update tomorrow.


Is there an update for when more of these will be available? Which reseller will get them first?