Limelight 2+ LEDS burning out?

Has anyone ever experienced some of the LEDS on the limelight going out? A few weeks ago 1 light would not turn on, now the entire left half is out. Can these LEDS just be replaced? Any suggestions? I noticed 1 other team at our event had a few lights out on their unit as well.

To clarify the limelight has been an amazing unit. We used this the entire last season so it’s not brand new.



I’ve found them to be extremely helpful.

For us on 5406, we ran into a similar issue during Houston Champs where some of the LEDs did start to burnout for us, and the limelight needed to be replaced. The limelight was still useable though, and it ended up being used on our offseason bot.

It seems like you can get replacement LED boards online at Limelight’s site


Yes. In our case, we contacted limelight and they were able to send us the LED module to replace. It’s quite an easy fix from your end.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

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