Limelight 2 Needs

A FRC robot regardless of it doing everything or just playing defense, it needs a radio, rio, etc.

What does the Limelight need? Any “apps” that I have to download? My laptop is competition ready, meaning it’s got the Driver Station, VSC, Rio imaging tool, Radio Configuration Utility.

I plan on coding on one laptop, and driving on another.

I know there’s this but what exactly are they? Which do I download?

I’d read through this:

Specifically this, probably:

The downloads at the bottom are images. Specifically limelight software versions. The latest one should be the first one on the webpage. You download that zip file and extract the disk image file (.img) from it. Then you download balenaEtcher to flash that .img file to a Limelight camera. Then you download bonjour also listed on that webpage for network communication and stuff. After that you can follow the programming setup in the link here:

So I’m going to have to download all these?

Bonjour (For stable networking on Windows):

Bonjour Download

USB Drivers

USB Flash Driver Download

New Flash Tool for 2019:

Etcher Flash Tool Download

Old Flash Tool:

Flash Tool Download

GRIP For Limelight:

Flash Tool Download

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Only if you have a Windows computer without Bonjour already installed (see here)

Yes, you’ll need these to image your Limelight.

Nope, as far as I know that’s just for legacy.

This is only necessary if you plan on creating custom GRIP pipelines, which is probably not a thing you need to do.

You’ll also want to download the 2019.7 image (top of the list of image versions).

Nothing is needed on your driver laptop if you plan on doing all of your interfacing with the Limelight through your code laptop, or vice versa. Once you’ve set a static IP on it, you can access Limelight settings from any computer with a web browser that can connect to the robot network.


So, this might be a stupid question, but what exactly do we program the Limelight on? Do we just add it on to our robot code or do we use a special IDE for it?

All the code that interfaces with the data that limelight sends is done with your robot code. The limelight tracking and thresholding is all done on the web interface of the limelight, no extra code for that.

Thanks a bunch from team 3374

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