Limelight 2 Network Table Issues

Our Limelight works great when we use the browser but, we can’t read camera values from the limelight network table (all zeroes) even when following the exact code from the limelight tutorial. How do we get network tables to work so we can read the camera and be able to program?

Hey Zack,

Is your team number set in the settings tab?

Yes It is

I have you changed the hostname? We have found that it is easy to forget to press the “set team number” button after changing it as well. Feel free to send us an email with a screenshot of your code here:

Great Ill send this over to you

What language are you using for robot code and where are you looking at the values?

Java, we are trying to read from the limelight network table.

We got it to work yesterday but we are planning on mounting the limelight upside down is their recommendations on doing this without pressing the button to reset the camera.

You don’t have to reset your camera to flip the image upside down. Every pipeline can select its desired image orientation so just edit the pipeline you are using.

The button on the top of the camera is the reset button.

Ah, I see what you mean. You could drill a small hole in the location where the reset button would touch the frame or you could mount it to a plate or piece of angle.