Limelight 2 not configurable?

Hey everyone, a local team is loaning us a Limelight 2 until we receive our order (shout out to team 2534 for being awesome!).

In short we are having issues configuring the camera. We started with it on a test bench hooked up to a power supply.

We connected limelight to a switch and could access it via IP but all of the options/screen were greyed out and not configurable. It looked like a ‘view only’ mode.

We then flashed the firmware successfully to the latest available on their site and could still access it via IP on the switch (not via limelight.local:5801). We still couldn’t edit settings.

We connected it to the roborio and we were not able to connect to it via limelight.local:5801 again. I ran out of time to scan the RIO IP space for the limelights assigned IP.

The green leds on front were sequencing back and forth (left and then right) through the whole time. There isn’t much documentation/troubleshooting so I was hoping for some assistance.

Have you looked on We found their websites and examples really helpful.
The quite below may aid you in connecting to the limelight.
I hope you connected it to your radio instead of roborio. Things would get rather difficult if you connected directly to your roborio.

Yes I went through their troubleshooting and didn’t really get anywhere with it. Nothing references not being able to edit configuration. I will keep that tool handy, thanks for the link! I did have it connected to the second port on the radio. I will also note that I did the IP reset but had no noticeable effect.

Mdns won’t work unless your computer is properly configured for mDNS(limelight.local:5801).
Have you tried pinging the camera in the command prompt?
Have you tried factory resetting the device? (Perhaps it’s really trying to hang on to team 2534s IP)
Can you take a screenshot of the grayed
Have you turned on disable network tables on the top?

Sorry for the battery of questions.

Have you tried pinging the camera in the command prompt?

We could ping the IP when it was assigned one via the switch we used on our test bench.

Have you tried factory resetting the device?

If that is the same step as resetting the IP address noted here then yes.

Can you take a screenshot of the grayed
Have you turned on disable network tables on the top?

I will get a screenshot when we are back at the shop tomorrow. We cannot make any changes in the configuration menu. I don’t mind the questions! It’s good to drill down and eliminate possibilities.

Following the networking pathways in this paper (connecting roborio, LL, and PC and radio) all to the switch may work as well. 324
The reason for this is the radio sometimes isolates the two ports that it has.
Try these steps and report back!

Here is the screenshot of the configurator greyed out.

We just noticed it says limelight 1 at the bottom? Doesn’t seem correct.

Interestingly we’ve seen this during competition a few times. I forgot how we fixed this though.

How is your computer connected to the robot?

Connecting to the radio through Wifi.

It looks like they just released LL_2020_0 firmware so I’m flashing to that right now.

How about how is the LL connected to the radio?
Is the robot Rio connected as well? If so disconnect to roborio?

It is plugged into one port of the radio and the LL is in the second. I will try to disconnect it once the flashing is complete!

Disconnected the RIO and couldn’t connect to the limelight. I hooked the ethernet up to the laptop directly, the IP values change in the interface but it is still greyed out, even after flashing to the 2020 version.

The green LEDs on the face are flashing back and forth still. The yellow status light is solid even though it is still dynamically IP’d.

Can you try bringing the robot to your switch (not router), hook up LL, RR, radio, and PC? (Restart radio LL, and robot) and see what happens?

Also is the settings panel all greyed out?

Did this, no change unfortunately.

Are these all grayed out as well? Your team number is not set it looks like.

Yes all settings are greyed out and I cannot edit, see attached for an error that is thrown when the page loads.

Just for fun I loaded this on my iPhone as well and it looks the same.

Ooof have you tried switching to static IPs all around (now we are grasping)

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Set my laptop to static, RIO and everything else was already static (I’m hooked up to a previous years bot).

Big oof here, nothing working.

@Brandon_Hjelstrom any ideas at this point? I tried your suggestion that you sent and everything looked ok.

Socom, email us at and we’ll get you going. I missed the part where you said you had a left-right blink on the main camera LEDs. That indicates something is wrong with the camera module. Have you tried the new finder tool to make sure you’re actually connecting to the limelight and not seeing an old cached web page?

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