Limelight 2 not publishing to network table

We have a Limelight 2 that was working fine but at one point recently, possibly after updating it to firmware 2019.5.1 or switching to WPILib 2019.3.2 , stopped publishing to the network table. We can see it fine via the built-in web server but we cannot read anything from the network table, and the Outline viewer does not show anything that we could read. Possibly a clue, it does not show as a camera server either in the shuffleboard. What could we do to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks!

Have you set your team number in the web configuration?


Replying to my own question in case somebody encounters the same issue… It seems that the issue might had to do with mDNS (which appears to be a very unreliable protocol). We disabled IPv6 on our laptop, switched the Rio to static 10.TE.AM.2 and everything seems to be working fine.

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