Limelight 2+ not sending values to robot

My team recently set up a Limelight 2+ on our shooter bot. When I go to the stream/config page, I can see that it recognizes the target, and gives tx/ty/tl/area values. However, in the code, it only returns 0.0 when I use, say, tx.getDouble(0.0);
Does anyone know why this happens?


Did you set your team number on the Limelight settings page? The instructions for doing that are described here. Furthermore, you can use a tool like OutlineViewer to see all NT entries; you should be able to verify the name of the subtable that the Limelight is publishing to.

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Nevermind. I figured out what the problem was. The limelight table name on the Settings page was "limelight-tigers’ but in the code it was just “limelight”
Thanks you

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