LimeLight 2+ now available, are you buying or waiting?

LL2+ is now available!

Are you buying Limelight 2+?
  • Yes, we’re buying the LL2+
  • No, we’re gonna wait till the next model.
  • No, we never had plans to buy limelight.
  • eh… I dunno.

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There needs to be an option, somewhere between 2 and 3, for “bought Limelights before, back when green lights were relevant and before Photon existed”


I think the better option would be, “No, we are waiting to see if they support apriltags.”


I mean you know they are gonna support them right?

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Until it’s in my hand and working…then no, they do not support them.


Not buying something online until it’s working in your hand seems like a troubling task.


“Limelight Pro featuring April Tags and Real-life Units: Coming soon on your bank statement in 2023.”

Disclaimer: that’s a joke, and I hope it stays that way


Unless you already own one and can update it to check it’s performance. Then, buy another if it checks out.

That may be our use case but if you want to be pedantic and ignore the general sentiment of “lets wait and see if the apriltag support comes out in time and performs well before spending $350.” sure.

NOT to give anyone any ideas but I think that’d be more acceptable in this case because tag support wasn’t mentioned originally when the 2+ launched. At the time of purchase, the product did exactly as advertised. So charging for an update after the fact for added features…I’m not saying I’d like it but I’d understand it. Though it’d probably be a bad idea because photonvision is a free option that is pretty close if not better (depending).

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What is the likelihood that, this season, the reflective tape solutions outperform the April tags solutions simply due to solution maturity?


Assuming FIRST doesn’t botch tag placement? Very low. Fiducial tags have much higher solution maturity outside of FRC that is easily utilized. Reflective tape is crude in comparison.

I’m curious to see if the people choosing not to buy a limelight are seeking out other less expensive (possibly more performant) options such as mini PCs or plain old raspberry pis.


Actually, they promised to update the limelight to match the needs of newer games. It is less clear-cut than the FOC feature, but they shouldn’t charge us for that.


Our situation exactly. We bought two units a few months ago 🥲

I wish an option was “I plan on buying it for the improved hardware but imaging it with PhotonVision for the better software”

The hardware is great. It runs well (for me at least), the green lights help, and it’s easy to mount. LL software is fine too, but I just prefer Photonvision because I’ve been able to make more advanced targeting from it.

Since ours got scraped off our robot (in several pieces) last year, we are getting a new one.

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This one is tough. Don’t know what exactly it will support. Don’t know what speeds. I live the limelight but this one is getting pushed back too far to say we’d buy one now without knowing what it will be.

Given that it uses a Compute Module 3, the performance is going to be seriously limited. I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t wait for the new one. AprilTags are so much better than retro tape and it’s not even close. I want reasonably high resolution and low latency processing for them at resolutions greater than 640x480, honestly.

That said, unless the LL3 is cheap and offers very good performance (25-50fps at 1280x720) I will stick to a custom solution with Photonvision. With no need for green LEDs, the value proposition for spending $300+ on a LL is disappearing when I can use a normal computer for less than $200. And I think it will be hard for LL3 to be less than $400 if it wants to hit that goal. Time will tell…


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