Limelight 2018.2 Update

Hi Everyone, here’s what’s changed in the 2018.2 image for Limelight. We’ve been hearing of some pretty creative ways to use vision this season, and we’re excited to release these new features to teams:

2018.2 (2/10/18)
2018.2 fixes all known streaming bugs with various FRC dashboards. It also makes Limelight easier to tune and more versatile during events.


Thresholding wands

Setup HSV threshold parameters in a matter of clicks
The “Set” wand centers HSV parameters around the selected pixel

The “Add” wand adjusts HSV parameters to include the selected pixel

The “Subtract” wand adjusts HSV paramters to ignore the selected pixel


Snapshots allow users to save what Limelight is seeing during matches or event calibration, and tune pipelines while away from the field.
Save a snapshot with the web interface or by posting a “1” to the “snapshot” NetworkTables key.
To view snapshots, change the “Image Source” combo box in the input tab. This will allow you to test your pipelines on snapshots rather than Limelight’s camera feed.
Limelight will store up to 32 snapshots. It will automatically delete old snapshots if you exceed this limit.

New Streaming options:

We’ve introduced the “stream” NetworkTables key to control Limelight’s streaming mode. We’ve received requests for PiP (Picture-in-Picture) modes to better accomodate certain dashboards.
0 - Standard - Side-by-side streams if a webcam is attached to Limelight
1 - PiP Main - The secondary camera stream is placed in the lower-right corner of the primary camera stream.
2 - PiP Secondary - The primary camera stream is placed in the lower-right corner of the secondary camera stream.
Increase streaming framerate to 22fps

Look out for faster streams in an upcoming update.

Erosion and Dilation:

Enable up to one iteration of both erosion and dilation.
Erosion will slightly erode the result of an HSV threshold. This is useful if many objects are passing through a tuned HSV threshold.
Dilation will slightly inflate the result of an HSV threshold. Use this to patch holes in thresholding results.

Restart Button

Restart Limelight’s vision tracking from the web interface. This is only useful for teams that experience intermittent issues while debugging LabView code.


Drop steady-state pipeline execution time to 3.5-4ms.

Bug Fixes

Fix Shuffleboard streaming issues
Fix LabView dashboard streaming issues

  • Many thanks to Greg McKaskle, Thad House, Brad Miller, Peter Johnson, and Sam Carlberg *

What features do you want to see in future updates?

Is their an alternate download site? Mediafire is not being responsive.

Here’s a google drive link:

Also adding this to the website.

Thank you! If you can continue to put it on Google drive, that would be appreciated - Mediafire is blocked on our school internet.

Yup, we will make sure to keep both mirrors for future updates.

We just released 2018.3 which resolves an important bug with NetworkTables syncing. Make sure to download it if you are changing Limelight settings on the fly.

Is there any way to turn off the LEDs remotely? Would be nice to turn them off when you aren’t using the camera or did we miss that in some documentation somewhere?

EDIT: I think I found it “LEDMODE”.


Is there a way to decrease the streaming framerate and increase compression to achieve lower bandwidth usage?

You might check this year’s limelight update instead of last years