Limelight 2019.2 Update

Hi Everyone,

With the 2019.2 Limelight update, we are introducing two new pipeline controls.

  • The first is the Intersection Filter. It will help you distinguish between different groups of targets by imagining how they would intersect if stretched to become infinitely long. The following pipeline combines Limelight’s “Dual” grouping option, its “Closest” sort mode, and the new “Above” intersection filter:

  • The second is the Direction Single-Contour Filter. It will allow you to distinguish between single targets of varying orientations. The following example uses Limelight’s “Single” grouping option, “Closest” sorting, and the new “Up & Left” direction filter.

Other notable changes:

  • Post custom networktables data from GRIP pipelines
  • Access the the width and height of the rough bounding box with the “thoriz” and “tvert” networktables keys
  • Access the long side and short side lengths of the perfect rotated bounding box with “tlong” and “tshort” networktables keys.
  • IP Address is posted directly to SmartDashboard/Shuffleboard for easier troubleshooting.
  • Sorting feature is no longer broken

The 2019 software introduces GRIP support and a brand-new web interface. See the software change log in our docs for more information.

If this is your first time hearing about Limelight 2, see the updated website and launch video here:


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but do you know when suppliers will have the Limelight 2 back in stock? We placed an order with WCP and I just noticed this morning that it was back-ordered at the time we placed the order.

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Another amazing update from the Limelight team! Thank you for your hard work on this. We are excited to use the Limelight 2 this season!



With updates like these you guys are making amazing vision systems available to an increasing number of teams. Keep up the great work!

Is it possible to use the intersection filter with multiple separate targets (e.g. get the center of both tapes separately and also check if they intersect) or does it only work with dual targets together?

This is great, thanks for this update! I was worried how we would make sure the Limelight wouldn’t accidentally lock on to the space between the two targets, and this solution is simple and elegant.


Where are the docs on how to update?
For example in the “Download” section I see something called “USB Flash Driver Download”
which seems to be some sort of Raspberry PI updater. Do I need this?

I see Etcher Flash Tool - I think I know what to do with that.

If I want the GRIP stuff do I need to install the GRIP for Limelight?

Can I flash from my old 2018 image right to the 2019.2 image?


Found it in the documentation. Was just in a place I wasn’t expecting it.

This update looks really great! Does anyone know of any distributors with the Limelight or Limelight 2 still in stock?

Their website itself has it.

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I see this.

After seeing all of the new additions I think it was one of our best decision to finally purchase the limelight!
Can’t wait until it arrives.

Can limelight find the target if you’re too close to see all of it?

One thing you can do is use two different pipelines as you drive up, use one for “faraway” when you can see more than one target and switch to a “near” pipeline which is tuned differently (different filtering options) once the “faraway” pipeline reports a large enough area target.

Another idea could be to use your gyro to hold the last known heading to the target once you get into this range (i.e once target width = 90% of the screen or something like that).

Yet another strategy might be to create a pipeline that locks on to just left or just right sides of the target and using the cross-hair calibration and camera mounting point to help drive you in the right way (maintain an offset). This would probably allow you to mount the camera further back from the front of your robot (hopefully this makes sense).

Keep in mind you can make your own grip pipelines so there might be other approaches that can work too. Positioning the camera on your robot can be tricky in games where you want to drive right into the target since you can rarely put it where you really want to due to robot mechanisms either wanting to be in that space or getting in the way.

Ah, here’s another way, once you’re within this distance, use the ratio of the top two contour areas to compute your center. When you’re far away, that doesn’t make sense but once you are clipping, it should work well. (btw switching pipelines on limelight is just setting the ‘pipeline index’ in a network table)

We’ll be writing up some case studies on some of these ideas in the next couple weeks. I think we have provided a lot of really powerful tools in an easy to use package but there is still work to do to make a robot successfully use vision.

What do you think? Any other ideas for handling this?


Working on dates for the next distributor batch. A limited number will launch on our website in just a few days, and all three sources will restock soon.

(double post)
A hot-swapped “close” pipeline (swapped once the contour is large enough) could use a plain dual-contour filter. In any case, the target’s “center” will always exist at the center of the screen unless you track both contours separately.

Also, the new direction filter should allow you to get closer by tracking just one side of the target.

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Do you plan to release GRIP w/ LimeLight support for Mac and/or Linux platforms?

We should definitely do that but I don’t have a mac easily available. It should just need a recompile though and the source code is freely available here:

Stupid question, but does this work on limelight 1?

From the introducing limelight 2 thread:

5638 is excited to use the LimeLight for the 2019 season!