Limelight 2019.2 Update

I didn’t realize you had your fork on github. This will suffice.

Awesome updates! However, is there a way to reduce frame rate and increase compression while streaming to Shuffleboard?

The 90 fps is not the actual frame rate the camera transmits to image to shuffle be board, BUT the rate at which it updates the tx, ty, ta, etc values. When you add the actual camera view to shuffle board, it shows the bandwidth usage in the upper right. Ours takes less than 1mbps.

My question is, the camera streams at 22 fps to Shuffleboard. Is there a way to decrease this to so. etching lime 15 fps? And is there a way to add compression? My end goal is to get the camera stream to be less than 1 mbps. As of right now, it runs at about 1.2-1.5.


The latest update adds the ability to reduce the stream rate to 15 fps. We also send significantly less contour data over network tables by default:

Does the limelight support open cv

I have a question when using multiple Limelights on the robot – do I have to name each Limelight differently (like “limelight1” and limelight2"), then access the tables like this?

table1 = NetworkTable::GetTable(“limelight1”);
table2 = NetworkTable::GetTable(“limelight2”);

That is exactly correct. You can rename your LL in the settings tab. A hyphen will always exist modified name.


OK, thanks!

Another question: I see on the Limelight Downloads page a “PnP 2019 Dual-Target Model”, but how do I load that model into the Limelight Camera? I assumed that I would upload the model via the camera’s web GUI, but it doesn’t seem to recognize the file type (CSV file). Is there some other way?

see the 2019.4 update.