Limelight 2022.1 (Critical Fix, First cargo tracking improvement, Python Updates)

2022.1 Introduces a critical fix and an essential feature for teams experimenting with ball tracking.


  • We acquired information from one of our suppliers about an issue (and a fix!) that affects roughly 1/75 of the CPUs specifically used in Limelight 2 (it may be related to a specific batch). It makes sense, and it was one of the only remaining boot differences between the 2022 image and the 2020 image.

  • Fix the upload buttons for GRIP inputs and SolvePNP Models


Hue rainbow and inversion

  • The new hue rainbow makes it easier to configure the hue threshold. Here’s an example of filtering for blue pixels:

  • The new hue inversion feature is a critical feature if you want to track red objects, as red is at both the beginning and the end of the hue range:

  • If you’re trying to track balls, the aspect ratio filter (set a tight range around “1”) and the fullness filter (you want above 70%) should work quite well. Explicit “circle” filtering is relatively slow and wont work as well as people assume. Gifs of ball tracking will be posted later today.

New Python libraries

  • We’ve added scipy, scikit-image, pywavelets, pillow, and pyserial to our python sandbox. I wonder what everyone’s planning given the recent feature requests :thinking:

“Hue rainbow and inversion” is an awesome feature! Thanks.


Fixed my problem Limelight 2! And the new slider looks great.

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Our team tried to update the firmware of the limelight and afterwards the status lights would not turn on, the fans did turn on though. When I accidentally tried to mount the limelight image on windows, it said that the image was corrupted. I should probably also mention that when we tried the limelight finder it wasn’t able to find the limelight.

I am dumb, I unzipped the image file.

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You probably won’t be able to mount the image at all on Windows as its root partition is ext4 formatted.

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Ok that makes sense, but I remember I accidentally mounted the 2022.0.3 version and it worked. I might be remembering wrong though.

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What settings are people using to detect the upper hub vision target?

Will you add the files needed for pose estimation with the new vision targets?

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