Limelight 3 passive POE with Gigabit Ethernet switch?

@Brandon_Hjelstrom - We were attempting to connect our Limelight 3 to a gigabit Ethernet switch tonight (while powered by passive POE). We didn’t get any blinky lights on the ethernet port and there were no lights on switch port either. It doesn’t seem the LL3 falls back to 10/100. Limelight 2+ worked fine in this setup and we swapped it in to confirm. Plugging LL3 directly into computer (still powered with POE) turned on the blinky lights and enabled ethernet. So, I’m assuming the LL3 is using gigabit ethernet on the CM4 and passive POE is using lines needed for gigE.

What is the preferred power source so that we can use gigabit switches? I understand the RIO is 10/100. It’s not really about the speed, it’s just we already have a bunch of gigE switches that we use on robots and we don’t want to replace them. Can we hard-code the limelight to 10/100?


We noticed the same thing as well with our LL3. You have two options, either use a passive PoE (the orange one that’s approved and been used in the past years to power the radio) and power the LimeLight that way or use a 10/100 switch. You cannot use the 1Gbps switch because all the pairs are used vs. 10/100 Mbps switch where only 4 pairs are used.

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