Limelight 3 Test Results / Review

My Limelight 3 just arrived this morning from Andymark, after a few days delay in packing the order. I was able to get it unboxed and flashed easily, as expected from LL. I also had some 115 students play with it to see if it was a viable alternative to our existing setup. They had it up and running in minutes, and were particularly taken with the pose estimator. They did notice it had a lot of shakiness at longer ranges and would get spurious targets, but rejecting tiny targets would definitely fix 90% of that issue.

Test results were pretty much as expected. Performance is similar to a stock Pi 4 running Photonvision. Reducing exposure too low will cause flickering, so be wary of setting it below 800ish.

Full test results available here:


For a second I thought you meant you had 115 students that were able to all test it out, I was very jealous for a minute before I did a facepalm lol

I’m loving all the tests and data you’ve been putting out there, it’s really helping us make some tough purchasing decisions :smiley:


Do you have any recommendations for certain settings/tuning?

Yes, scroll down to the bottom of the linked doc in the first post. I have a set of conclusions and recommended settings.

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