Limelight 3D modeling

Hey There!
I am Rader From MA - 5951, and we are trying to understand how to use the limelight 3D modeling, and angle detection.

We are trying to use the limelight 3D detection, but no matter what we do, the 3D detection program doesn’t detect our light reflectors as the target (the regular limelight program does see the target as it should, it’s just the 3D program we can’t seem to get working)

How can we make the program detect our reflectors? Because we downloaded the right files from the limelight site, and followed all the instructions, but it still doesn’t work.

Do any of you know what can we do about this?

Thanks in advanced, Rader

2020.1 is releasing this weekend. It will fix the issue you are seeing and add new functionality!

Ok, Thank you.
We will try this update as soon as possible

We’ve downloaded the update a few days ago, and we’ve noticed that although the 3D functions work great, the limelight stops recognizing the target after about 4.5 meters.

Is there anything we could do to extend that distance? We would like to be able to use the 3D modules when we’re much further away from the 4.5 meters limit we have now.

Better thresholding and good placement on the robot are the best ways to improve tracking. Also this year you can use the 2x zoom function added by the 2020.1 update.

To add on, we have also found that switching from low-resolution to high-resolution mode requires different HSV thresholding. Make sure when tuning your pipeline for 3D mode, tune the thresholds in high resolution mode instead of low resolution and it should work fine.

Thank you for the suggestion,
But the 3D tracking only work in high-res images, and the x2 zoom only works on low-res images, so the 3D tracking can’t work while using the x2 zoom

Thank you for the suggestion, and while what you say is true, our problem isn’t that we don’t recognize the target, because we do.
Our problem is that while we can recognize the target, the 3D functions don’t recognize the target, and so we don’t get the angles we need.