Limelight aim

Does anyone know how to aim the powerport by limelight?
We using Interpolation in last season, but it need a lot test.

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I think we’ll need more details. Are you looking for both distance and turning aim? Describe this interpolation method.

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We currently get the horizontal offset and vertical offset returned by limelight, and then calculate the distance between the robot and the target.
For example, it is tested at a distance of two meters from the target to obtain a suitable shooting angle, and then tested at a distance of three meters.
And assuming that they are all linear relationships, use calculations to find the appropriate angle when the distance is between two meters and three meters from the target.
But this is cumbersome and requires a lot of testing.

I wouldn’t assume it is linear. You could work out a mathematical model to figure out the angle you need to set your hood to in order to take the distance from the goal and get the hood angle, but that can be fairly difficult. What we did was use our vision system to measure a data point (we did the angle of the target above the center line of the image, but you could use the distance from the target) and then manually adjusted the hood until the balls shot into the goal. We recorded this as our second data point. We did this for about 40 different locations across the range we wanted and then fit a quadratic to the data points using Excel. It worked great and took an evening to do. I would say that this would give a better result for less effort than trying to derive the physics and mathematics for the trajectories, but your mileage may vary.


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