Limelight and GRIP Pipelines

I am currently learning to use the limelight and I was wondering if anybody knew of any benefits to creating a pipeline within GRIP vs simply using the interface given in the limelight config panel, which seems to be very easy to use and also fairly effective. Using GRIP seems almost redundant at this point, so does anyone with more experience understand what the purpose of GRIP is when it applies to the Limelight 2.0 ?

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The GRIP integration was an early request in the development of Limelight. They have since made a ton of improvements and upgrades to the built in pipeline and filters. True for the basic FRC game the built in tools are great, the 3D stuff is fun to play with as well.

From my experience, GRIP does not offer much of a competitivr advantage over a limelight, hence why top teams used it. 190, my team, used GRIP this year because I very much enjoy computer vision and didn’t want the fun taken away. To me, using a limelight is like buying a kitbot.

The lime light can run your GRIP pipeline. Maybe you knew that? There are or where a few limitations mostly with access to networktables that I found

If the limelight can run my grip pipeline then why would i spend team money on that, over a raspberry pi and usb camera and ringlight

Because teaching someone how to use a limelight is 10x easier than teaching the same person how to design, build and run a GRIP pipeline

Every team has different resources and abilities. Do what works for you.
I find if i have the simple tool like Lime Light and I get the question how does this work i drag out GRIP because it has great built in visualization.
Finally openCV and build your own pipeline and visualization tools.


The question I had was more or less if it’s worth using GRIP to create the pipeline given that my team already has a limelight. Or is it better to just create the pipeline within the limelight interface, which I think is the better bet given that it’s a simple and built in interface with most of everything that we would need for an FRC game. So I think GRIP isn’t really necessary and almost redundant for the limelight even though a GRIP pipeline can be used with the limelight

Use the built in tools. The GRIP functionality is fun side trick.

That’s fair. I’ve consistently been the only programmer on my robotics teams, so I’ve just taught myself how to do stuff like this. Tbt there was no raspberry pi image. I’ve found doing unnecessary stuff like not using a limelight works out though, because now I’m a WPILib employee.

Think if it this way. Your limelight has air conditioning and great aerodynamic (a good user interface). If you want to roll down the windows and feel the breeze (with GRIP), that’s up to you.

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