Limelight (AprilTags) not working


In SmartDashboard, the numbers don’t change to be the real target id / botpose / etc.
can anyone please look at my code and see how to make it detect the apriltags

Do you see the entries published by limelight on shuffleboard when you’re connected to the robot? Also I’d recommend making sure the table name for limelight is actually “limelight” as it can be configured through the limelight settings in web UI.

Hello, thank you for the reply. I have changed the table name to limelight. I checked Shuffleboard and in the Network Tables area the tid updates. I found out that the issue was the way I called the tid variable.
In the limelight docs, it says to use GetNumberArray("<variablename>",std::vector<double>(6));
When I try to do this double m_targetid = limelight->GetNumberArray("tid", std::vector<double>(6)); or this vector<double> m_targetid = limelight->GetNumberArray("tid", 6); it doesn’t work. Do you know how to properly do this? Thanks.

Hi again, the april tag ID that is being published by limelight under “tid” key is not an array. So you might want to try using GetNumber instead. Also I would recommend using LimelightHelpers library because it is simpler.