Limelight auto targeting programming

I have never used a limelight before. Is there a way that when you press a button, it will auto align and distance itself? Supposedly, people from my team think it can do this, but i dont know how to program it to do so. I am using labview, so if anyone can show some code or at least tell me where to start, that would be great.

Hey, that is certainly possible but it does need you to actually write some code and configure the limelight to your needs. I would recommend taking a look at the documentation on for some of the beginning steps.

Limelight’s documentation has code examples showing this exact thing. Look at their case studies, especially the 2019 deep space. It does this exact thing you are trying to do.

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For the record, here’s a link to our 2020 repo that has a command that does this exact thing if you want a reference.

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