Limelight camera search and help!

My team is looking for a limelight camera for our build this year but there is a backorder on the website. If anyone has a slightly used limelight that is still in good working order we’d be willing to pay market price. Or if you have any suggestions on something that is similar to a limelight I’d also be happy to hear about it!

I’d recommend taking a look into ChameleonVision if you’re not able to get a limelight. You can image a micro-SD card with ChameleonVision and then put that into your RaspberryPi. Its free and the interface it provides you with and its implementation in your code is nearly identical to that of the limelight.

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If you’re really invested in using the limelight, you can actually make your own. The limelight is just a raspberry pi on the inside, so you can download the limelight firmware, flash it to and sd card with etcher, and put it in a pi to have a limelight clone.

Disclaimer: I tested this with a pi3 and a raspberry pi camera back when the Limelight 1 was the current version and it worked fine, but I haven’t tested it with the LL2 firmware, so your mileage may vary.

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I flashed the image to a Pi I had laying around and booted the device, but it’s asking for a login. Any idea what that is or where I can find it? Or am I doing something wrong here.

I would not recommend trying to flash your own raspberry pi with the limelight image as there is a reason it’s password protected. The folk over at limelight worked hard on this product and likely aren’t going to make it easy to steal their firmware.

However, I would totally recommend flashing your own raspberry pi with chameleon vision as this is meant to be DIY. It’s basically like the limelight software in terms of functionality and it’s open for anyone to download. Look at @vkoutha 's post just 2 replies up for the thread on it.

There isn’t any reason to plug in a display or try to log into a limelight flashed pi. Just hook it up to a network and go to http://limelight.local:5801 on your driverstation to start using it. As mentioned in this thread, the limelight is closed firmware and you wouldn’t find anything except some compiled binaries on there anyway. Just use it like a normal limelight. You can find the full documentation here.

Limelight has been in stock continuously for the past few days on our site!


Limelight posts the image for download on their site, so I’m not stealing anything, they are giving it away for free. I will keep your recommendation in mind though. Thanks

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

We followed the documentation, and can navigate to the limelight.local:5801 site, but we can’t change anything like the team number, ip address, etc. Any tips?

My team has had two limelight’s on order since about either early January late December, neither have shipped. We ordered one from WCProducts and one from AndyMark. Our team has used chameleon vision for the meantime and suggest you look into it if the limelight’s do not ship as I don’t expect a limelight to reach our team this year at all either. We have been trying since last season to get one. However, try chameleon vision in the meantime! Good luck!

We tried this last year and had the same problem. Limelight likely has some protection measures to prevent their software to be used on a regular raspberry pi. We decided to go ahead and buy the Limelight later. However, if you don’t have the resources to go for a Limelight definitely check out Chameleon Vision or OpenSight.

we ordered one from the limelight website on Monday and it was delivered today, maybe try buying directly from them?

We are trying to get the Chameleon vision to work on the Pi, but are having trouble connecting to it. We don’t currently have the Pi connected to our rio, just ethernet to a PC. Will this work?

That’s perfectly fine if its connected to your PC for setup. What exactly is your trouble connecting to it? Is it refusing an SSH connection? And more importantly, are you able to see your ethernet connection to the Pi on your computer’s network adapters list? has been in stock almost constantly. Should be pretty quick shipping from the sounds of it.

When we try to connect the PC says it can’t access the IP. I will have to check to see if the PC sees the Pi on the Ethernet. We are also having an issue when opening Chameleon on the Pi where it gives an error regarding NT and seems to stop at that point.