LimeLight CamTran Values Returning 0

We are currently trying to receive the CamTran values but we are only receiving 0. We were able to receive them before but now we are not getting any values. We are able to receive other values from the LimeLight except the CamTran ones. Would anyone know how we can get them?

You need to turn on Compute 3D for the Limelight to calculate camera pose.

We turned on Compute 3D and we are still receiving 0


You will also want to turn on “Force Convex” for this year’s target. This is what will give you the four outer corners rather than all eight corners. Make sure you are running 2020.2.

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I checked and found out that we were running the 2020.1 image. After I re-imaged the LimeLight to 2020.2, I started receiving the CamTran values. Thank You!

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