Limelight Corner Values over Network Tables

Hi, I’m trying to use the Limelight 2 to track the vision target on the Power Port and retrieve the raw corner values of the contour in the robot code. I have “Send Raw Corners?” and “Send Raw Contours?” enabled, but I’m still not receiving the coordinates. The Limelight seems to identify the corners accurately:

however when I try to pull them,


I only get the default values. I can retrieve tx, ty, and other network table values using the same method.
Any insight to why this could happen would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Things to check:

  • Is your team number set in limelight to the team number you have set on the Rio?
  • Is the table name set in limelight the same table name you are using in your Robot code?
  • Use the OutlineViewer tool to verify if the values are showing up in NetworkTables where you are expecting them to.

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