Limelight Detector Crashes

I’m on 2023.4 and the image uploads but trying to use the pipeline with the model crashes and limelight restarts. I was using the detector class. Has anyone had success uploading a model?

Here’s the model if you get a chance to try it: [FRC2023/limelight/converted_edgetpu at main · team6637/FRC2023 · GitHub]
(FRC2023/limelight/converted_edgetpu at main · team6637/FRC2023 · GitHub)

We are on a 2+

@Brandon_Hjelstrom (thank you)

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This has been resolved. We trained a classifier on Teachable Machine and were uploading it to the detecter option. Thanks Brandon!

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Wow! @Brandon_Hjelstrom thank you for the support you provided and the amazing product. We have a limelight 2+ running reflective tape detection, April tag detection and a Neural Network detector. I’m so impressed and it’s an approachable product for students. Can’t say it enough, thank you so much!


@ericjanofski Thanks for taking the time to detail all of the issues you experienced. The next update has a few changes based directly on your feedback to make the new features even easier to use.

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[Inserts McMahon emoji]

Ha, thanks man, your support is unparalleled:)