Limelight electrical issues

:wave: hey, i would love to use my nice new limelight 2.0 but I’m unsure of what to run the power from, since you’re not allowed to use the vrm power outputs, I’ll reply if any more info is needed. thanks!

Plug it directly into a port on the Power Distribution Hub

You can use a slot on your PDH/PDP

One of the side slots, like the motors? I figured I could but couldn’t find any info on it :sob:

Yes just like a typical motor controller. You can likely use the smallest breaker you can find. 20 Amp or smaller will work and allow 18 AWG wire and that is the biggest you should try to get into the connectors on the Limelight

Thank you much for the help!

Use a POE injector and connect to PDP or PDH slot as well.