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So during build season, we we’re able to set up our Limelight 2 however for some reason, we were only able to connect to it on two of our team members iPhone’s, however none of our team laptops have been able to connect to it. Anyone know what the problem might be?

Hi Ryan, we have found that you need to do a couple things so your windows laptop will work with mDns:

  • Install bonjour (you can find a link on our website)
  • Make sure you do not have bonjour print services installed

If you do these two things, it should fix your connectivity problems. Email us at [email protected] if you need more help!

For whatever reason, I could not get mDNS to work on any of our windows machines (even following the above instructions).

You really only need to find it’s address once, because then you’ll log in and change the limelight to a static IP.

I used nmap ( for windows - it will ping every address on a subnet and show you what has a device on it. If you connect with a laptop to your robot radio (assuming the limelight is also plugged into the robot network), you should get an address on the 10.TE.AM.0/24 network. (i.e. if you are team 2222, your IP will be something like Tell nmap to scan ping (everything 1-254 on 10.22.22.X). It will show you every address that responds, and the limelight is well labeled so you can see it’s address easily.

Perhaps a bit overkill, but if you install the driver station software, that should also install NI’s mDNS responder.

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