Limelight for Vision Tracking

Hi! My team and I, Flight Crew 747, have been trying to get our new Limelight running. We have it installed, and we can connect via the “limelight:local5801” address. However, when we create a table in our code, the values of ‘tx’ and others do not change from their default values. We are changing the value of tx at every call of TeleopPeriodic, so it should be updating 50 times a second. Under every update of the values, we also print out the values. When printing, every value returns ‘0.0’. While this is happening, we can check the limelight camera via the web address, and the correct values are being displayed at the top of the screen. Please help!

can I see your code when you’re trying to get those values via the networktables ?

Make sure you typed your team number in correctly.

We have just got our vision with limelight working about last week. If you post your code on github, or even here, we can help you further.