Limelight help at Palmetto

If there are any teams going to Palmetto Regional that have experience with programming a limelight (and preferably swerve), we need help.

If there are any teams that are willing to come by our (5943) pit on Thursday to help us with our limelight, that would be greatly appreciated. We have our limelight on the bot and powered, but our programmer isn’t sure how to use what we have to align the bot to a target. We have swerve drive, and I’m not a programmer so I don’t know exactly how that would affect it, but I figured I’d put it out there in case that drastically changes something.

If you have any questions or can help, let me know :)

Thank you in advance,
Team 5943

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We can help you with the LimeLight (not so much with swerve.)

Come by our pit. We are the garage on the corner, literally. Can’t miss it.

4451 Drive Coach

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3824 would be happy to help too.

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6738 can also help with the limelight, but we aren’t at the competition…

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