Limelight Inventory Update

After months of supply chain blockages, Limelight 2+ is finally back in stock on Nov 28th! The next generation of Limelight hardware will begin shipping during the first week of the 2023 build season, so we’re reducing the price of LL2+ to $349. As usual, Limelight 2+ will continue to receive first-class software support and feature updates to accommodate whatever the GDC has prepared for 2023 and beyond. The instant replace and repair policies for LL2+ aren’t going anywhere either.

The new hardware and software updates will be detailed in early December. We are implementing beta test feedback and finishing announcement materials around the clock.

Some of the incoming 2+ inventory was allocated for AndyMark during the last build season at the regular MSRP of $400, so their sales are directly affected by the price cut and early product announcement. Thanks to AndyMark for being willing to do the right thing for the community without hesitation.


Any chance you’d be willing to share what some of the changes will be/how different the next gen version will be?

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And now teams face the delema of do they purchase a LL2+ on the 28th, or wait for the new version specs to drop in November and hope they can get their hands on it.

Honestly though, kudos for limelight for getting teams stock before kickoff, and dropping the price of the limelight 2+ during these challenging times for suppliers!


Should we expect the updated Limelight to also have a price of around $400?


How well does the LL2+ perform with AprilTags? Will there be platform-specific firmware available before kickoff?


Where can I reach out to you guys regarding 2 dead limelight? the contact form on your website got us nowhere///

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@rich.varone I know this is frustrating, but I just want to make sure a few more questions on our side are answered before I start posting feature updates or comparisons. I generally only post announcements when products or updates are 100% ready to go to minimize miscommunication, but this is an unusual situation.

@cad321 Thanks. The past few seasons have been pretty tough for suppliers and teams! It took over a year to receive a few of our most critical components. We are now getting things done earlier and developing relationships with suppliers that will help us keep inventory up in the future.

@rich.varone @cad321 I wouldn’t expect LL2+ to go out of stock immediately as it has in the past. I think this is great for teams that are already heavily invested in 2+.

@anon37142155 Yes.

@asid61 Yes, pre-kickoff firmware will be available. Honestly not sure on timing for the release or benchmarks just yet.

@LaviRZ Resolved, thanks for your patience on this.

We just enabled orders. Here is some of the text you will see on the site-wide announcement, order page, and restock email:

“The next generation of Limelight hardware will be announced early/mid December and will begin shipping during the first week of kickoff. Because new hardware is coming soon, we are reducing the price of LL2+ to $349. This reduced price should help teams who are already invested in 2+ and want a backup unit or two for 2023. LL2+ will continue to receive first-class software and hardware support for the foreseeable future.”


Since teams wont have time to experiment with the new Limelight’s AprilTag capabilities since the earliest it ships will be in build season, will there be videos and lots of documentation of its capabilities with AprilTags so teams can assess whether it’s right for them?


Out of curiosity, how long has Limelight 3 (or whatever the next generation will be called) been in the works? Raspberry Pi 4 compute modules / raspberry pis have been unobtanium due to the supply chain crisis, so this must have been in the works for a while (unless an alternate coprocessor was found or new way of sourcing).

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From press I’ve read, they’re prioritizing OEM needs, and I would think Limelight would qualify as an OEM. From this post:

  • They are still prioritizing OEM customers (who have built their products around the Pi)
  • They are ring-fencing some supply for customers (they did not mention how many, exactly)
  • They set up a new process to ensure the OEM’s they’re supplying aren’t scalping the boards
  • Raspberry Pi’s main goal during the shortage is to not let companies that rely on Raspberry Pi to die.
  • They are currently producing 400,000 Raspberry Pis per month.

I did some digging in the frontend Javascript code and it actually has the name of the next limelight in the code:

Don't sue me Brandon
window.LimelightGlobals.getHWString = function(n)
        case 0:
            return "Limelight 1";
        case 1:
            return "Limelight 2";
        case 2:
            return "Limelight 2+";
        case 3:
            return "You thought";
        case 4:
            return "You truly thought";
            return "Limelight";

Glad it isn’t “Water game light”.

Any update on this? Is it still happening? Did I miss it?

Would love to test AprilTags stuff.


We received an answer referring us to order through the replacement page, but we didn’t get any shipment notice. I’ve tried reaching through email more than a week ago, but didn’t get a response.

Imagine if the webmasters forget to change that and the front page says


You Thought


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This is what the website says now, I don’t know when it was updated.

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I was going off of this. I understand the new hardware might not come till January but not having any of the details on it or on the software it will be using (and the software available to old limelights) doesn’t give teams any time to test before the season starts…or later.

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Yeah I see where you’re coming from, I took the message a bit differently. I don’t know if the wording is supposed to imply anything, but I would believe that launches means that the new details come out then (therefor implying that the new info date has been pushed). I might totally just be reading too deep in to this.


Lol, I meant the actual limelight UI though.


Any update on this?