Limelight is not showing up in code, it's as if it doesn't exist

The title mostly speaks for itself, but in general, we tried to implement a bare-bones version to just put Limelight values on the Smart Dashboard, but after hours of trial and mostly error, we have nothing to show for it.

This is how we formatted it:

double tx = NetworkTableInstance.getDefault().getTable(“limelight”).getEntry(“tx”).getDouble(0.0);

SmartDashboard.putNumber(“tx”, tx);

It prints 0.0, which is the default value being set in the getDouble() funciton. We’ve messed around with those numbers and gotten it to print other numbers, but still only the default.

We call it periodically and I’ve proven that it’s running by printing a number that continuously increases. We can ping the Limelight and get a response, as well as being able to tune it and get visuals from that interface. We are drawing a blank and would love some help.

Do you see the network table for the limelight in the outline viewer?

I think I had a similar problem. Did you set the team number in the limelight config?

Have you:

  1. updated the limelight firmware?
  2. configured the network settings of the limelight?

Walking through the official documentation would probably help as well.

I would also recommend running the latest version of WPILib (2022.3.1 as of writing this) and the latest version of the NI game tools, with the latest version of the roboRIO image.

This year there seems to be quite a few bugs with FRC software suite as a whole, so updating is really important. We’ve had a bunch of issues and most of the time, updating has fixed them.

Also know that tx will be 0 when the limelight doesn’t have a target.


I left things like this up to someone else and assumed that it was done correctly. I’ll ensure that everything was properly updated and configured.

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