Limelight json dump data into VSCode?

Hello, my team is using a limelight 2+ for Apriltag detection. We want to get at the “robot pose from target frame” data that is part of the json dump. We can get all the other data off the network tables just fine, it’s just the stuff in the json file we don’t know how to pull out. None of us very experienced with Java. Can someone point us in right direction for pulling this double array of data out of the json file? Many thanks!

You can use the Jackson ObjectMapper, it’s already included with WPILib so you don’t have to worry about adding it.

You could also just sit tight. @Brandon_Hjelstrom 's documentation says, “A turnkey parsing solution for FRC is in its final stages and will launch soon.”

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Thank you. Makes me nervous to wait for the “very soon” to be released turnkey solution but that may be what we have to do. Lots of other big stuff not working for us that should probably take priority. Still would love to see an example of Java code pulling from the limelight json dump if anyone has one. I’m afraid we’re too fresh to understand how some similar generic examples work and thus unable to modify to suit our needs.

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