LimeLight Library

As I have been testing the LimeLight the past week I created this library to make the LimeLight behave more like any other object we use on our robots. Instructions are in the README for manual install. Also there is a sample Basic robot code and my CommandBase code that I used to test the setters and getters.

Its currently only for Java, (if someone would like to create the C++ side please help) It will work for the LimeLight V1 and next gen since it simplely creates the NetworkTables read/writes. The one thing this helps with are the mode setting. Instead of remembering that Vision mode is 0 and Drive mode is 1 on the camMode key you use CamMode.kvision or CamMode.kdriver

I’m not a Java developer but I did try to follow some of the syntax I have commonly observed I would invite a few people to help polish this up.

One BIG problem I have is the isConnected method. I know that pausing the thread is the worse thing I could do.

This is pretty cool, thanks for releasing this. We’ll probably use it this year.