Limelight Light Problem

On our Limelight, the right LEDs are acting up. The Top and Bottom LEDs on the right side are always off. The center one on the right side turns on if we press the plastic down but turns off once we don’t. We think it is a manufacturing default that has just presented itself. We don’t want to open it up just in case we accidentally damage it further. Any suggestions. FYI It’s a Limelight 2 we got just after 2019 comp season.

Sent a PM!

We are having the same problem, did you resolve your issue?


We are experiencing similar issues. I haven’t tried to squish the case, but we have 1 led on the left side that lights up and 3 on the right side. The one on the left seems to come on and off as we drive around. This is the best picture that I have. What was the solution if any?


I’m no expert but that sounds like a loose connection to me. I’m not sure if its recommended but I would try opening up the limelight, carefully clean what you can and reseat the “easily” removable components. I have had an issue in the past to the extent that the limelight wouldn’t even turn on but we resolved it by reseating and cleaning the insides. I would ask @Brandon_Hjelstrom just to make sure that its safe.

I suggest reaching out to customer service if anyone has this issue. I found them to be very responsive and we were back in business in a few days.