Limelight.local:5801 is not found


@SMSLittle if we use wifi to connect to our robot would we have trouble connecting to the limelight via mdns?
When we do static IP the network connection drops out every 30 secs or so


I finally powered up our limelight to see if i could replicate some of the issues people are posting about. I too had this problem briefly when after setting the Limelight to static IP I could no longer connect. When i closed my Chrome browser and reopened, everything started to work again. I was already connected directly to the limelight.


The limelight drops our or the hole robot?


Chrome likely caches mDNS addresses. So, when you change the IP, and try to access via limelight.local:5801, chrome uses the previous IP, until you restart chrome, clearing the cache, and forcing chrome to actually look up the IP.

Is there anyone who had trouble imaging the limelight over micro usb? I tried both the new Etcher imaging tool, and the older tool, and neither could find the limelight.


We figured it out, we disabled firewall, turned of internet protocol 6 and connected directly with Ethernet to set static up address then accessed off radio on robot. Thanks everyone!


Try another MicroUSB cable. You might have just had a power cable, not a data table. Or try downloading the drivers off the limelights download page


Did you download the USB Drivers as well?