Limelight MegaTag Jitter

Fixed a lot of bugs with our software, but noticing that despite getting a great feed on tag 5, MegaTag (which I can’t figure out how to disable) is seeing noise when there is no noise or false positives.

Any ideas @Brandon_Hjelstrom? Firmware version is 2023.3.1. I’ve tried disabling other tags, to no avail.

It looks like your limelight is mounted facing straight horizontal. This can make it very hard for the camera o determine what orientation the apriltags are actually in. If I were you, I would angle the camera to either face up towards the apriltags or down at the apriltags. It improved our accuracy a ton

We have that issue face-on, yes, but in this case we’re looking at it from the side and the green and blue cylinders are spot-on with no variance. MegaTag shouldn’t be jittering!

Green Cylinder: Individual per-tag bot pose
Blue Cylinder: 2023.0.1 BotPose
White Cylinder: New MegaTag Botpose
From Limelight 2023.1 - MegaTag, Performance Boost, My Mistake

In the standard tab, you can filter IDs in.
So our tag setup is 1,2,3,6,7,8.

If you can’t find the filter IDs setting, consider upgrading firmware

I have filtered all IDs to just tag 5, but to no avail. Even if that setting didn’t work for some reason, no additional tags are showing up in the GUI, even intermittently.

If you can only see one tag I think you can expect jitter.

Megatag thrives when seeing two or more tags. Furthermore, it was my understanding that tags 5,6 due to the offset nature of them are more unreliable than the rest.

Talked about it here: Introducing Limelight 3 - #232 by kdschmitz