Limelight mount

We have made an adjustable 3d printed limelight mount for our robot this year. Its posted on thingiverse.

Any question I’ll do my best answer.


We modified your stl file so that it could be mounted on 80-20. Works great for our setup now, too.
Thanks for your assistance.
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I’d caution against adjustable mounts because they can be adjusted (silly, I know).

Depending on how you’re using the limelight there might be significant recalibration required if it’s position shifts at all. Not something you want to have to worry about between matches!

I’d recommend determining the angle you want and then printing a fixed mount, or gluing an adjustable mount in place once a solution is found.


We mounted this to the side of our shooter hood

How is this mounted exactly? I didn’t see anything about it on thingiverse.


Once you find the position you need, sand the adjustable mount teeth ring to make the surface rough. Then put a stripe of paint on it, across the two sections just in case the camera position gets moved in competition.


We taped the standoffs.

Oh, ok. My team is mounting our limelight in a similar spot. I have a static bracket designed, but, because it’s static, adjustability isn’t a thing. Thanks for sharing this!

it would be super cool if there was a way to live manipulate this

The mount has locking teeth on both sides of the mount locked in with a 10/32 bolt so that when you find the angle that best fits for your application you can lock it down. And if you happen to add any mechanism later that interferes you can adjust accordingly

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That’s definitely a nice feature to mitigate risk, but would you bet your season on that bolt never loosening?

It’s unlikely you’ll need to adjust limelight angle over course of season, and it’s a nice spit to eliminate small risk of match affecting failure.


Something we’ve tried in the off-season and really liked was having multiple mounting holes on your mount (or multiple holes to mount your mount to) and figuring out which one you like and sticking with it. It gives you some configurability but also securely constrains the fixture in any given configuration.


This is our current mount with multiple mounting points. It’s not secured to the frame yet but the holes are set up to represent a different angle about the pivot point.


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