Limelight Movement

So I am trying a Limelight for off-season, and the first match we tried this it drives forward but then turns right, causing it to miss the target by a couple of inches to the right. We do have tank drive so we understand it can’t just drive to the left to line up. But this happens even if we drive straight on to the target. We were talking to some folks from Chimeras and they are thinking that since the camera is to the far right corner of the robot it then thinks the middle of the robot is the middle of the Limelight camera. So, that being said their idea was add an off set to the tx value, but we are thinking that when Calibrating X/Y should eliminate this issue. Also as a side note, the Limelight did work yesterday at our practice field, with no change at all.

What is your question?

Why is the Limelight veering to the right when it is calibrated not to do this.

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If your limelight is to the side of your robot you should be using dual crosshair and calibrate closest to the target and far from the target straight on. It takes a couple tries. Also make sure your camera can see the full target all the way until it places the hatch or ball for best results.

So we do calibrate with dual target close up, but we thought that the second farther calibration was only for shooting types.

With the dual cross hair mode, the limelight will interpolate between the specified offsets, based on the area of the target. This is because when you are farther away from the target, you need to turn less to face the target, and when you are close up, you need to turn more to face the target head-on. This ensures the robot is always facing the target as long as it is in view.


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