Limelight multiple retroreflective targets?

Can limelight report the position of multiple retroreflective targets individually (not smart grouping into a single target)?

Have you looked into using pipelines? Or do you want several targets in the same frame with independent coordinates for each?

The second - two targets in same frame with independent coordinates. Photonvision can do this.

This setting might return all the contours it sees? Building a Retroreflective/Color Pipeline — Limelight 1.0 documentation

Alas, the reason I switched to photonvision (amongst other things)

Limelight can’t detect multiple targets in the same frame, but photonvision can.

The last time I checked (last year) what would happen is while the limelight may detect multiple contours, it will only return one target. This can lead to potential issues with randomly shifting your lock between two equally viable targets, which is why I prefer photonvision. It will return multiple targets, but it will sort them based off user-provided parameters so when you call for a target in code, it will only give you one object. Technically it will return a list, but the list is organized so you can call an item knowing actually what it is.

@jruben4 @Owen_Busler @NewtonCrosbyJr This is now possible.