Limelight Network Setup

Hello, we are currently trying to set up a Limelight vision system. We are following these instructions:

We are on step 3 of network setup and its LED’s haven’t flashed at all. We made sure it was flashed through Etcher, connected it to the robot network through the laptop, connected it to the PDP, and swapped out the ethernet cable to the RoboRio multiple times. What other problems could’ve prevented it from flashing its LED’s?

Ethernet cable should be ran to the radio, not the rio. Give that a shot.

Oh, we realized there wasn’t power going to the Limelight in the first place. We got it to flash now!

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Our team 3244 has used the limelight vision system for a couple years-ish and have been beta testers for both versions. We have set up a unboxing and setup videos for the basic limelight. We are also Available for questions and major help at