LimeLight Network Tables

Hi all!

I recently received a limelight camera and have been setting it up for my team. I went through their documentation and everything was working fine until I got to the step with reading from the network tables.

My team uses LabVIEW with a LabVIEW dashboard and the limelight says that I should be able to receive data from the network tables but when I try to read from the default code, every value is 0. When I went to my dashboard, I can see the limelight values under the variables tab updating as normal, but when I try to put them to an indicator on my dashboard, they do not receive a value. Also, when I try and select a camera, the limelight shows up as an option, but when I click on it it does not return a feed. I was worried that the communication between my dashboard and my robot project was broken, however other network tables (like the default DB/Button0) can be read from without a problem. I tried reimaging the roboRIO and reflashing the limelight and it did not make a difference. I have everything set to static IPs on my robot and followed the documentation for giving an IP to my limelight. I am using a revB radio.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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Hi Kaitlyn,

Can you prepend a “/” to your NT values?

Your x value should now read “/limelight/tx” rather than “limelight/tx”.We just found that bug in our Labview docs. We will update them asap.

There is currently a problem with viewing the stream in the LV dashboard and shuffleboard. We have already fixed shuffleboard support internally, so the LV dashboard stream is our top priority.

Awesome thank you!

Hi Brandon,

Any progress on LV Dashboard stream?

We need to make decisions about cameras, mounts, and software soon.