Limelight networking setup difficulties

I am currently going through the networking setup instructions on the limelight website, but I am unable to connect to the limelight config panel through the URL http://limelight.local:5801 , even though I am connected to the robot radio, which is wired to the limelight by ethernet. I was able to briefly connect to the config panel when directly connecting to the limelight with an ethernet cord to my computer , but even that is not working anymore (when it was working it took very long to connect). I then tried to connect using the new URL http://10.TE.AM.11:5801 after changing the settings on the limelight when I was connected and this has never worked. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced similar problems and figured out what was wrong

This happened to us just a few days ago setting up a new LimeLight. We managed to resolve it by using a ethernet splitter to connect directly to the robot radio from our computer over ethernet while still plugging in the LimeLight via ethernet into the radio. We then used the Angry IP scanner to find active IPs on the network, our LimeLight ended up being assigned something like 10.TE.AM.129. We navigated to this page, set the IP to 10.TE.AM.11 and then were able to access it over wifi without the direct ethernet connection. We also used an incognito browser the first time we managed to connect, although I am unsure if this actually has any effect.

I resolved the issue, it turns out the ethernet to the radio that came from the limelight was plugged into the wrong of the two ethernet ports on the radio so I switched the places where the rio and limelight connect to the robot radio and now it works

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