Limelight Not Connecting After Pushing Code

Hi all, our team had been successfully messing around with the Limelight since the 2018 build season. Today, we decided it was time to start programming our limelight for this season. We wired the camera ina do we were able to tune it using the online interface and add it to SmartDashboard, but when we copy and pasted the Java programming setup from the Limelight website, the limelight stopped connecting to the robot. Occasionally, it would connect and immediately lose connection, but this was only on boot. We unplugged that limelight, plugged in a new one, and plugged the old one back in and it is now functioning. Any ideas why this happened?

Have you flashed your LL with a 2019 image? If not, I would recommend grabbing the new 2019.3 update from our downloads page.

We did, and I forgot to mention we also tested reflashing the limelight when it was broken and it was unable to establish a connection to the limelight.