Limelight not showing up on shuffleboard

Our team is using a limelight for driver vision, but we cannot get the limelight to show up on the dashboard. However, if we go to the limelight webpage, it shows the camera stream just fine. What might be causing this?

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Is your limelight set with your team number? Does your limelight have a static ip address?

Your limelights ip should be set to 10.TE.AM.11

See here for more information:

I think both of these issues would cause the camera not to show up in Shuffleboard.

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Yes, we have our limelight’s networking set up properly with a team number and a static ip address of

Do any of the limelight values publish into smart dashboard? The limelight should have values such as ta, tx, ty…etc.

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Yes, I can see all of the expected values in NT. We also have the correct IP address and port set in CameraPublishers/limelight

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