Limelight not updating its value to the SmartDashBoard

So far I have a class file or a wrapper (Thanks to team 3244) that gets the values from the network table for limelight. Then on my DriveTrain class I have the log method that puts the value to the SmartDashBoard. I’m calling the log method in RobotContainer class.

I’m just getting static value in smartdashboard but on shuffleboard under the NetworkTables tab the values are actually updating depending on the position of the robot for limelight. So, depending on that I’m guessing something wrong with the code but don’t know how to come about it.

All the code is in our github.

You are constructing LimeLight() which uses a table name of “limelight” (line 30 of Your screenshot shows the table actually used by the limelight is “limelight-hyper”, so your LimeLight class is not reading valid entries (and thus is getting the default value of 0 you are passing to the getter functions).

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Thank you

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