Limelight PiP mode not working

Hi, we using a limelight 2+ with the 2022.2.2 update. We plugged in a Logitech c922x in the USB port. When trying to change the stream NetworkTableEntry from 0 to 1 or 2. It doesn’t do anything. Is there something I don’t know? When changing ledMode and camMode, they do what they are supposed to do. Where a bit stuck as we would like to put our Logitech as a primary camera for the driver and have the Limelight camera in the corner.


Interested in this as well, coming across the same problem too with ELP USB Camera too.

This was the code I had, setting the camera mode instead of switching, but came across the same issue.

public LimelightPortal() {
shooterLL = NetworkTableInstance.getDefault().getTable("limelight-shooter"); 

shooterLL.getEntry("stream").setNumber(2); }
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I messaged Limelight about this and they said they are working on a fix.

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I just got notified that a new build is out that fixes this. Just FYI.

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Thank you. I will relay the info to my team

Do you have to plug the usb camera into the usb port on the limelight or the usb port on the rio to make this work… we have a turret and so the usb port on the limelight would require getting that wire all the way up to the turret… hoping to do this by plugging into one of the usb ports on the rio

To use this mode you need to plug the camera in the limelight, sorry. The port in the RIO needs a CameraServer object created in the code

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