Limelight Pre-Orders Now Open

Hi Everyone,

Due to the volume of requests received, limited pre-orders for Limelight are now open! You can pre-order your Limelight directly, or through West Coast Products.

Pre-orders will ship in 3 - 4 weeks.

The Limelight Team

Just ordered it! So excited to try it out!

'Twas a mad dash to order :smiley:

Pre-ordered our two! So excited to use this awesome product!!

Can’t wait too use such an asweome product .We got one on the way and possible wil get a second during build season for practice bot

We are excitedly waiting for ours! Fun times are head!

FTFY. Congratulations on your first post, my fearless leader!

Thanks everyone, we can’t wait to see what you do with your Limelights! You can reach out to us anytime for help with vision.

All units are sold out on our site and at WCP, but both sites have “I want” buttons that will help us determine how many components to order for the next batch. We hope to have the second batch ready around the start of the build season.

Wow, that was quick! If the next batch (hopefully) ships around the beginning of build season, will there be a preoder for that in the near future as well?

Let me get this straight, “pre-orders” sold out in 3 hours? Will this thing even be available and legal to use. We need to make sure it’s a regularly stocked item that a majority of teams have access to right? It would be unfortunate if this were something that only the elite few could get their hands on.

This is exactly why we decided to do pre-orders now. We still have time to start on another round of cameras that can ship around the start of the season, and we now have a better idea of the numbers we’re dealing with.

We have yet to decide whether we will do another pre-order, or open up regular orders when the units are ready. We will keep you posted.

Great! We can order a few more on your second batch!

Your site is sold out, but wcp is NOT showing it as sold out and is advertising it as shipping in 3-4 weeks. Do those that preordered receive their limelight’s prior to kickoff?

We have 5 left available, also it is advertised to ship in Jan (No exact date set) but sometime in Jan.

EDIT: 2 Available

So… Sounds like these are/were available to ALL teams, not just elite teams so there shouldn’t be any further concerns about that!

Thanks to everyone for the work involved in getting these launched!

My mistake, sorry about that!

No worries, we just sold out for the initial preorder!

Bummed we missed the first pre-order. We will certainly be buying one as soon as they come back into stock. Props to 987 for developing a product that the community is this excited for.

This is correct. We got one and have never been able to accomplish vision before, so I guess you can say we aren’t a elite team when it comes to vision.

It’s ok, I got my order in before I made that post, just wanted to make sure it didn’t accept my payment for nothing. Thanks!