Limelight problem with the returned angles

We are using limelight 2+, with the latest software release, and we are having trouble with the angles that the limelight returns when tried to identify reflective tapes.

We found out that whenever the yaw of the limelight changes relatively to the target both the tx and ty values the limelight returns scale by a different value.

When looking from the same distance but from different tx angles, we get a different ty angles too, and while being in the same radius from the target (but in different locations) we get a different distance from the limelight using its angles.

We tried mapping the angles the limelight returns to the real angles from the target, getting a linear equation, but since the angles change based on different parameters the mapping we did was of no value.

we think that the problem may be related to the fisheye lens of the limelight.

we’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem, and how can we fix it.

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