LimeLight Programming

We used the sample code
SmartDashboard.putNumber("LimelightX", x); SmartDashboard.putNumber("LimelightY", y); SmartDashboard.putNumber("LimelightArea", area);
but it is giving us errors with SmartDashboard. Since we are using VScode, is there something we are missing? We also made sure to import everything.

Are you trying to see the limelight feed? If so, go to limelight.local:5800 to see the feed and limelight.local:5801 to configure the pipeline. See the limelight documentation.

In SmartDashboard, try hitting file or one of the buttons next to it and see if there’s an option to show cameras or something similar.

It looks like you only have a third of the sample code. What is populating ur variables named x,y,area. Check the link above for the whole enchilada