Limelight re-booting, static IP doesn't persist

We are using a limelight 2.0 and it began flashing its LED’s, the same triple flash when it re-boots. We had no trouble with it at school, and no problems are the practice day at our regional, but today half way through the 1st day of competition it began doing the flashing behavior.

The IP address was set to dynamic. We tried making it static using the procedure in the limelight documentation. After a reboot it usually reverts back to dynamic. We think the behavior stops when the IP address remains static.

We didn’t have a copy of the firmware with us. but will try downloading that again using the latest version.

Any other suggestions to try?

[ Just read the change log for the new limelight software release on 2/23/22 which I’m sure we did not install on our limelight. Says:

"Mandatory upgrade for all teams based on Week 0 and FMS reliability testing.

  • Fix hang / loss of connection / loss of targeting related to open web interfaces, FMS, FMS-like setups, Multiple viewer devices etc."

We will install that tomorrow ]

Two things, after changing the limelight to static ip, did you press the save button and then power cycle the robot to check? Also are you just using POE or POE + the standard wiring as well. I think if the POE cable comes loose it can cause the limelight to restart, so that could be the problem.

We did hit save and then power cycle the robot. On startup again we see that the static IP setting often switches back to automatic.

We checked the wiring several times and it seems secure . We are using just standard wiring for the limelight, power from PDH directly to +/= on the limelight.

Limelight Ethernet goes from limelight directly to radio.

Our radio is powered using POE from ten new Rev radio power module . We have had no issues with the rebooting or losing comms.

We ended up fixing the rebooting problem by switching to a new Ethernet cable and changing to power by POE. We didn’t have time to check each change individually , but it was one of those.

We’ll explore which one was the root cause further next week.

To avoid problems with POE, it’s much less of a headache to just run wires from the PDP (use a 5A breaker) and use the holes on the bottom of the limelight. They have a + and a - to indicate what goes where.

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