Limelight Real World Camera Positioning

@Hjelstrom, just checking back in on when there might be an update? Also, do you think it will be possible to use the built in solvepnp if the limelight is mounted sideways? I would assume we would just have to do our own transforms, but wanted to double check to see if there was any reason that wouldn’t make sense.

We decided to add a few more features to this release. We plan on releasing tonight!
@AlexDanielsen Your FOV is going to feel cramped if you mount at a 90 degree angle, and it is important to have the entire target in view for 3D/solvepnp routines. You will be able to make it work, but I would highly recommend mounting the camera normally if at all possible.


Thanks for the update and advice! I’ll talk with our hardware people, but their theme of the past month has been “there’s no space!” which is why we bought the limelight 2, so it could be mounted vertically in the little space left. Looking forward to the update!

@Bart_Kerfeld I had a question about your PointFinder: does the “top” and “bottom” of the contour mean that the top has the least Y value and the bottom has the greatest Y value, as the origin of the limelight is the top left?


@Bart_Kerfeld @mjbergman92 @Strategos @rmaffeo @Karakorum

We released on-board solvepnp with more than 4 points this morning.


Awesome!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I can not wait to try it tomorrow. Will definitely have to test. I can not contain my excitement!